Many The Gifts

This publication is a humble reflection of the generosity that our community so graciously shared with Carondelet High School in the 2013-14 school year. It is a litany of kindness that stretches from a five-dollar gift made by a freshman girl to major gifts or an endowment of millions of dollars. This remarkable representation of deep commitment to Carondelet spans hundreds of families and several generations, and represents close to a half century of relationship with the School.


Christmas 2014 Issue - Collaboration:   The beauty that arises when we combine our talents and ideas in joyful collaboration is phenomenal. And we see this beauty arising as our school community puts a special focus this year on collaboration and collaborative leadership. A focus on bringing together our gifts and talents is a fitting preparation for the upcoming milestone year: Carondelet High School’s 50th anniversary. It was almost 50 years ago now, in 1965, when a small group of Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet collaborated with the first bishop of the Oakland Diocese and with a variety of entities in the City of Concord to found this school, aimed at preparing young women for leadership and service. Collaboration, you might say, is in the Carondelet DNA.

One of the current and important areas for collaboration at Carondelet today is in our strategic planning process. Carondelet’s leadership team, Board of Directors, and faculty and staff are working closely together on several key initiatives that will form the basis of a five-year plan for our school. The goal of this planning process is to ensure we continue to deliver an outstanding, values-based, twenty-first century education to the young women entrusted to us. We will share more about our strategic plan as it unfolds over the next few months, but suffice it to say that we are excited about what lies ahead—in the next five years and in the next fifty!

Yet for all that is ahead, there is also so much beauty already here. In this issue of the Carondeletter, we highlight some of the many ways that collaboration is making beautiful things happen today at Carondelet High School, in our surrounding community, and in our world. Thank you for your support and your partnership as we continually work to deliver the best education possible for our students!;

(The Carondeletter is the CHS magazine. It is published quarterly.)

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