Carondelet's History Book Published

Valiant Women

Carondelet High School -- The First Fifty Years 

Valiant Women tells the story of Carondelet's legacy of educating young women for leadership and service.

In 1965, six women of faith pioneered a venture in the walnut groves of Concord, California. Fifty years later, Carondelet High School's legacy of educating young women for leadership and service remains strong. Written by Sister Eleanor Eagan, CSJ, and featuring nearly 300 photos, Valiant Women tells the history of Carondelet's founding and captures stories of sisterhood, faith and community.

Books are only $15 each and can be ordered online or picked up in the Student Store.  $5 from every purchase will go toward the newly-created Sr. Eleanor Scholarship Fund for current students during the 2016-17 school year.

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Summer 2015 Issue - Celebrate!:   There is much to celebrate! We have just sent forth into the world our newest group of graduates – young women with the heart, faith and courage to make a positive difference in college and in their life’s endeavors. 

We have completed a most exciting transformational year for our school. We launched new initiatives designed to remember our past 50 years while renewing our mission and its focus on educating young women in the context of global demands and realities. We are filled with the joyful knowledge that our next 50 years will continue to provide exciting opportunities to inspire our young women to thrive as smart, strong, faith-filled, stewards of the world.

We are blessed with a team of dedicated, experienced teachers and administrators who are taking on new roles and responsibilities. They are welcoming new leaders and staff to our school – women and men with a passion for our mission, new ideas and gifts to share. Together, we will move Carondelet forward, enabling our school to flourish and fulfill the promise of our mission and vision.

We also will be welcoming a group of 200 incoming freshmen for 2015-16 who will add their unique gifts and talents to our student body. I am excited for what their Carondelet journey has in store for them.

As we prepare to commence the 2015-16 school year, I am filled with hope and excitement for the future. Our school is marking its 50th year. Let us celebrate and be glad as we remember our past, renew our commitment to our mission, and rejoice for our future. We have much for which to be grateful.

- Bonnie A. Cotter, President 

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Many The Gifts

This publication is a look back to fiscal year 2014-15 with the purpose of honoring the many individuals, businesses and foundations that have so generously supported Carondelet High School’s mission and work.