Spring 2014 Issue - Thy Dear Neighbor, Everywhere:  In the spring issue of the Carondeletter, we explore some ways that Carondelet students, alumnae, faculty, and staff seek—and sometimes fail—to connect with our dear neighbor everywhere. From travels to distant countries to encounters in nearby cities, towns, and our own hallways, we present a look at the Carondelet community’s work to recognize, establish, deepen, and heal its connections to all members of God’s family. Even in setbacks to connection, when we hurt our neighbors rather than embrace them fully, we find lessons in humility, in the need to ask forgiveness, and in the redemptive power of listening with love.”

Editor: Katie Vecchio '76 
Co-Editor: Rosanne Siino '80

(The Carondeletter is the CHS magazine. It is published quarterly.)

Many The Gifts

Many the Gifts: Statement on Community Support is an annual publication that expresses our sincere gratitude to our generous benefactors.

This issue includes those whose cash gifts were received between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013, unless otherwise stated. With this issue, we also introduce some of the programs supported by these donations.