Since its founding in 1965, Carondelet has carried on a proud tradition of quality, Catholic education and academic excellence. Carondelet educates, challenges and enables young women to integrate gospel values, to intelligently apply these values to their lives and to reflect these values through leadership and service to the greater community in the 21st century.

Students are offered a challenging college preparatory curriculum including elective courses in art, music, physical education and computer science. AP and Honors courses in English, Math, Social Studies, Modern Languages, Science and Visual and Performing Arts are available as well as an Educational Resource Program for those students in need of academic support. The combined course offerings of Carondelet and De La Salle, an adjacent Catholic boys’ school, at the Junior and Senior level, provides a co-educational experience while maintaining individual school identity.

Extracurricular activities include, but are not limited to, campus ministry, theater, honor societies, interscholastic sports, music, peer counseling, athletics, student government and yearbook.


Students must complete 240 credits for graduation. Requirements include:
40 credits - English
40 credits - Religious Studies
30 credits - Mathematics
30 credits - Social Studies
30 credits - Laboratory Science
20 credits - Modern Language
15 credits - Kinesiology: activity classes (10); health (5)
15 credits - Visual and Performing Arts
20 credits - Electives

For AP and honors classes students must meet GPA or course requirements and are limited to the number they take each year.

  • Advanced placement classes are offered in the following subjects:
    • Biology; Environmental Science; Calculus AB; Calculus BC; Chemistry; English Language and Composition; English Literature and Composition; Environmental Science; French; Government and Politics; Italian; Latin; Physics 1; Physics C; Psychology; Spanish; Statistics; Studio Art: Drawing, 2-D, 3-D; U.S. History
  • Honors courses include:
    • Algebra 1; Algebra 2 w/Trigonometry; Chemistry; Concert Choir; English 2; French 3; Geometry; Italian 2, 3; Spanish 3

Grading System

GPA: Grades are weighted for honors and AP classes.
Class rank: Carondelet does not rank.  A deciles system is used.

A 94-100 C 74-76
A- 90-93 C- 70-73
B+ 87-89 D+ 67-69
B 84-86 D 64-66
B- 80-83 D- 60-63
C+ 77-79 F 59 or below

The school provides a rigorous education that incorporates all forms of critical thinking and inspires a life-long love of learning.