A Carondelet Student Is...

A Gospel-centered woman who:

  • ... experiences and reflects on the teachings and practices of the Roman Catholic tradition.
  • ... lives out Christian moral values.
  • ... develops her personal spirituality and an active faith life.

A responsible steward of life who:

  • ... seeks God’s presence in creation and responds with respect and compassion.
  • ... promotes fair use of individual, local, and global resources.

A comprehensive learner who:

  • ... engages actively in learning.
  • ... challenges herself to think critically, respond creatively and solve problems collaboratively.
  • ... communicates clearly and demonstrates technological and informational literacy.
  • ... seeks connections among subjects and between the classroom and the surrounding world.
  • ... prepares herself for her academic and professional future.

A respectful woman who:

  • ... recognizes her self-worth as a creation of God.
  • ... honors and protects the dignity of each individual.
  • ... considers others’ feelings, cultures and diverse viewpoints.

A practitioner of healthy lifestyles who:

  • ... understands the benefits of lifelong health and fitness.
  • ... develops positive social relationships.
  • ... makes healthy lifestyle decisions and strives for personal well-being.

A woman of creativity, leadership and service who:

  • ... discovers her talents and develops her ideas.
  • ... works to make a positive difference in the world.
  • ... responds to others’ needs and serves the “dear neighbor.”

We strive for excellence in all we do to educate the whole person---mind, body and spirit--- but we also educate to serve a world in need.