Print Work in an Anthology Citation

An anthology is a collection of essays, stories, poems or other works.

  1. Author of the entry (if any) (Last name first).
  2. "Entry Heading or Article Title" in quotations
  3. Title of Anthology italicized .
  4. If editor is known include name in first last order with Ed. in front of name.
  5. Edition number (if any). Place of publication: Publisher, year.
  6. Page numbers of the cited piece. Give the inclusive page numbers of the piece you are citing.
  7.  Medium of publication consulted .
  8. If you need additional lines to finish your citation, always indent 5 letters after the first line in your citation.

Spencer, Mark, Jr. "The Fifth Column." Collected Science Fiction
Ed. Katie Spooner.4th ed.Cary, NC: Pluto, 2002.315-25. Print