Resource Guide for Religious Studies


The Library has many books, encyclopedias, atlases and dictionaries on the subject of religion. The Library's books are classified according to subject by the Dewey Decimal System. Browsing the shelves for books can be a good way to find books on similar topics. The 100 to 199 range contain books on philosophy, and the 200 to 299 range contain books on religion. Access the library catalog here.

e-Reference Books available for Religious Studies:

Print Periodicals and E-Journals:

The Library subscribes to the following journals:
  • America
  • Catholic Digest
  • The Catholic Voice (Oakland Diocese)
  • National Catholic Reporter
  • U.S. Catholic

Online journals (online fulltext) that pertain to Religious Studies can be found at:

Carondelet Databases and Online Encyclopedias:

These databases and encyclopedias may be especially useful for Religious Studies:

Internet Sites:

Catholic Sites of Interest:
Sites with information on several religions: