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Our students are very fortunate to live in a time when technology is revolutionizing access to the vast reserves of knowledge throughout the world. This is a time when teaching and learning must rise to the challenges afforded by this monumental paradigm shift. Carondelet is meeting these challenges through constantly improving our technology and through adapting our curriculum to the ever changing opportunities for leadership and service to the greater community.

In 2013, Carondelet made the decision to move forward with an iPad program for our teachers and the Class of 2017.  The digital textbooks we have chosen are significantly less expensive than their print counterparts, and we feel that parents are likely to recoup the cost of the iPad over 2­-3 years.

Carondelet has been investing in technology upgrades for years, which allowed us to originally adopt a 1:1 program in 2011 with the Asus netbooks and later a BYOD (bring your own device) model.  Not only are our students excited about technology, but our teachers are as well! This past June, teachers attended a two-day workshop dedicated to using iPads and technology in the classroom. It's amazing how many resources are available today and while our students know a lot about texting abbreviations, social media and adding just the right filter to a photo, it's up to our teachers to show them how to use these skills in an academic environment as well as learn about other tools to help students with their studies.

More information on our 1:1 iPad program and device specifications can be found here

IT History
Even though computers were first introduced to Carondelet in 1983, the 1:1 laptop program is a significant milestone for technology at Carondelet. Students will have 24/7 access to information on the Internet. They will be able create projects which include images, audio and video, as well as traditional written work. The 1:1 laptop program will change how students are taught and how they learn.

Preparing for the launch of the 1:1 laptop program did not happen overnight. It began in 1983 when the first Radio Shack TRS 80’s and Commodore Pets arrived at Carondelet. Then, in 1993, two classrooms were converted to computer labs. Each lab contained a class set of networked IBM diskless workstations running the DOS operating system. The programs included WordPerfect and the latest in IBM educational software.

By 1997 the labs were obsolete and had fallen into disuse. Sr. Kathleen Lang, then principal of Carondelet, hired a technology coordinator and told him that she wanted cutting edge technology brought to Carondelet. The process began with upgrades to existing workstations, followed by installation of MS Windows and MS Office. During the following decade Carondelet invested well over a million dollars in a school wide network.

This has brought us to both wired and wireless networking backed by a blade server system with terabytes of storage. Every teacher now has a laptop and there are over 400 student workstations and laptops on campus. Every classroom is equipped with a projector and sound system.
Training for administration, teachers, and staff has been ongoing. They are using PowerSchool, our student information system, Moodle, our course management system, and a variety of software applications. Teachers have become adept in using email and have participated in online curriculum mapping.

The Carondelet web site, which first went online in 1997 with seven pages, is now professionally designed, has hundreds of pages and receives over 5000 visits each day. The site contains calendars, news, information and links. It exemplifies how technology has become a vital part of Carondelet culture.

Initiation of the Carondelet 1:1 laptop program is the culmination of a vision begun nearly three decades ago. This program will open new opportunities for both teachers and students to discover how to use the vast quantity of information available on the Internet. It will provide them with tools to demonstrate their understanding and creativity. The 1:1 laptop program is a key element in achieving our goal of making all Carondelet students lifelong learners.

Contact Information

Dr. Elizabeth Chaponot
Director of Technology, Innovation and Information Services
Extension 191

Mr. Les Gill
Computer Technician
Extension 130

Mr. Charles Reposa
Network Engineer
Extension 192

Initiation of the Carondelet 1:1 laptop program is the culmination of a vision begun nearly three decades ago.