Tuition Assistance

Carondelet High School is committed to its mission to provide quality Catholic education to young women in the greater community.  As part of that mission, Carondelet believes that qualified students should be given the opportunity to attend our school.

Through the generosity of our benefactors and the success of our annual fundraisers, Carondelet has been able to provide tuition assistance to many young women who would otherwise not have the opportunity to attend Carondelet.  This year, CHS is providing almost 25% of the student body with tuition assistance which amounts to approximately $1,100,000.

Tuition assistance is awarded to families who demonstrate financial need.  Many families who send their daughters to Carondelet High School make financial sacrifices.  The Tuition Assistance Program is designed to help those families that even with their sacrifices, need help in meeting their financial obligations.

Tuition Assistance at Carondelet is structured as a work grant program. Students on work grant are assigned a variety of jobs around campus and work approximately 15 minutes each day.

Carondelet has partnered with Private School Aid Service (PSAS) to assist with information gathering and the assessment of tuition assistance.  PSAS will provide an independent and reasonable assessment of the ability of each family to pay tuition.  PSAS does not make any decisions about recipients and the amounts of financial aid awarded.  Recipients and amounts of aid are determined by Carondelet’s Tuition Assistance Committee.

Directions for applying for Tuition Assistance:

  1. Download and print the Tuition Assistance Timeline & Checklist (coming soon).  View the Tuition Assistance Frequently Asked Questions.
  2. Download and print the Private School Aid Service (PSAS) Student Aid Form* (Spanish Version).  Complete the form in its entirety and read the instructions carefully.  
  3. Make a copy of the completed PSAS Student Aid Form.  One copy will be mailed to PSAS and the other to the School.
  4. Mail ALL requested documentation, and the $27 application fee, directly to PSAS.
  5. All deadlines are critical.  Carefully review the Tuition Assistance Timeline and meet all deadlines.  Late applications will be reviewed at a later date.

*One application per family (not per student)