The athletic program fosters the belief, as set forth by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, that providing a quality Catholic education nurtures personal well-being and healthy lifestyles. We are committed to teaching sportsmanship, discipline, responsibility, respect for self and others, time-management, team work, and other life skills through athletic participation.

The athletic program is conducted as an integral component of the high school curriculum. It is concerned with the promotion of pride and loyalty within the student body and with providing opportunities for wholesome relations between school and community.

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Director of Athletics

Gleam Green
925-686-5353 x168
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Athletics News

  • College Athletic Information

    Students interested in playing a sport after high school can review eligibility requirements with NCAA and NAIA and should notify both their College Counselor and Academic Advisor of their interest.

    General information for NCAA can be found here. Please note the eligibility changes for NCAA eligibility beginning with the fall of 2016. This information can be found here and current eligibility requirements can be found here. NAIA student eligibility can be found here. If you have any questions please see your College Counselor and/or your Academic Advisor for assistance.