Faith & Service

Faith and service go hand in hand. Through our campus ministry program, students participate in school liturgies, direct and attend meaningful retreats at each grade level. Through our community service program, students are immersed in a culture of service recognized nationally by the Jefferson Awards, Outstanding Service by a High School. With the observations and recommendations of the Senior Synthesis students, faculty and administrators are invited each year to view the school’s mission through the eyes of students.

Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry strives to nourish a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith and to promote the development of individual expressions of spirituality through school liturgies, prayer services and retreat programs. Students who choose to be part of the Spiritual Life Council are given opportunities to assist in the planning of liturgies. Peer ministers also assist in the freshman, sophomore, and senior retreat programs. Juniors spend a day serving the poor at St. Anthony’s Foundation in our Urban Plunge program.

Community Service

The Community Service program weaves through the academic, social, athletic and spiritual life of the students and faculty at Carondelet High School. In every segment of the school, service opportunities are presented to all the members of the Carondelet Community. The response from students, faculty and staff to these opportunities is immediate, eager and generous. The opportunities range from fundraising for various causes such as the Get On The Bus Foundation or “Women for Women,” to food drives, tutoring elementary school children, visiting the elderly, providing companionship for severely handicapped teens to providing a Halloween Party for disadvantaged children.

Senior Synthesis

The Mission Statement appears on the walls of every classroom and is in every school publication. The question is whether the mission is actually being lived out. Senior Synthesis invites a dynamic group of seniors to undertake the task of identifying and evaluating the living out of the school’s mission, thus providing a means of holding Carondelet accountable to its mission.

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"Carondelet educates, challenges, and enables young women to integrate gospel values, to intelligently apply these values to their lives, and to reflect these values through leadership and service to the greater community."

Mission Statement

Contact Information

Ms. Lacy Matthews
Director of Campus Ministry
(925) 686-5353 x167

Mrs. Cindy Lawrence
Coordinator of Community Service
(925) 686-5353  x141

Ms. Edie Payne
Campus Minister
(925) 686-5353 x189