Senior Synthesis

What is Senior Synthesis?

The Mission Statement appears on the walls of every classroom and is in every school publication. The question is whether the mission is actually being lived out. Senior Synthesis invites a dynamic group of seniors to undertake the task of identifying and evaluating the living out of the school’s mission, thus providing a means of holding Carondelet accountable to its mission.

How are students selected?

In May, administrators, teachers and staff are invited to suggest names of juniors that they think would be effective leaders in evaluating and synthesizing the lived out mission of the school. In August, the director of the program sends out a formal letter of invitation to these students. Once students commit to the endeavor, the work begins.

What is the commitment?

Students attend eight early morning planning meetings where they create an evaluation processes that can be used to measure specific aspects of the Carondelet mission. Seniors work in small groups to administer these processes and then prepare a creative culminating presentation to the faculty, staff and student-body..